3D Surface Machining

We have been surface machining, complex 3D parts and molds for years.

When you need those complex features, we have the answer. Using state of the art computer programs and the newest technologies in machining we are able to take electronic solid models and create complete parts. We use SolidWorks and CAMWorks to generate complex code that drives the CNC Machining centers. We can accept electronic solid models in a variety of forms from Pro-E, Inventor, AutoCAD, CadKey and in forms such as .igs, .step, .and sat to name only a few.

We surface machine parts, molds and other components for a variety of customers. They include parts for the Aero-space, electronics, medical and microwave industries. We make parts everyday that other shops can’t.

When you need parts that seem difficult to make. When you want repeatable surfacing on you product. If you are looking for uniform surfaces on your parts, unique looks and impressive parts, you need Borg Design and our experience.