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Machining and Engineering Consulting Solutions
Our mechanical engineers and associates have a combined century of consulting experience and have¬†expertise¬†in machining a wide spectrum of materials — from exotic stainless steels and nickel alloys to plastics and elastomers. In addition, we have designed and built fixtures and machines for special application gun drilling, specific testing applications in the paper and electronics industry, certain heat treating processes, and ultrasonic sewing machines.

Whether it’s straight machining or full-scale contract manufacturing, Borg Design has the solutions you need. We specialize in finding the right balance for you business. Our services include:

  • Design & Drafting Services
    Our staff of experienced registered engineers and state-of-the-art CAD systems allow us to create engineering and manufacturing drawings of your ideas and suggest design ideas to reduce cycle time and improve quality and reduce costs. Find out more.
  • Prototype & Consulting
    From ideas to conception we offer a variety of prototyping services in a variety of mediums. These include, but are not limited to, 2D drawings, 3D scale models and pre-production runs. We will work with you and other project vendors to deliver working prototypes quickly. . Find out more.
  • Contract Manufacturing
    From short runs to global production volumes, Borg Design can handle a variety of needs. We work with you to identify the leanest supply chain to deliver your unit volume requirements on time and within budgeted costs.
  • 3D Surface Machining
    We have been surface machining, complex 3D parts and molds for years. We can get it done for you.
  • Special Projects
    We’ve developed many specialized product over the years.
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