At Borg Design, the safety of all of our staff, costumers, friends and family will always come first. In these turbulent times, it is important to consider that in every decision made. We posted the following message to our social media channels in efforts to keep everyone aware of what Borg Design does to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“Dear customers and suppliers,
Borg Design, Inc. will remain open and keep our operations normal and unaffected. We are considered part of the essential supply chain to critical industries.
Borg Design is taking all necessary measures to protect our employees and customers from Covid-19. We have established a “no contact” protocol for all deliveries. We have instituted a 2nd shift to respect our employees social distancing. Our technology is secure and enables some of our staff to work remotely. We will adhere to recommendations from WHO, CDC and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.
This means that you as a supplier are critical to our needs. If your ability to deliver as expected changes please let us know as soon as you can.
For our valued customers we are doing everything we can to meet all existing and future deliveries. We don’t see any impact to our ability to do that at this time. We will let you know well in advance if we see any impact to our ability to deliver high quality parts on time.
We will continue to conduct our business in a timely manner. If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out.
Stay Healthy!”

Staying informed and gathering reliable information helps lead us in our decision making process around this pandemic. Each day we start with a team meaning to go over any questions, concerns and recent updates from the CDC, WHO and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Printed posters now hang all along the shop reminding people to constantly wash their hands and stay home if they feel sick.


We began implementing a second shift of employees who come in the afternoon in order to practice social distancing. The split of our employees allows for the proper 6-foot social distancing rule to be practiced. This allows everyone to work during this unknown time and feel safe knowing they follow government guidelines.


Additionally, we are keeping the Borg Design circle as close as ever. Each night we have a special cleaning crew, made up of Borg family members, come in and disinfect each machine, keyboard, chair, handle and tool. This intense upkeep will continue as long as necessary for our employees to feel safe in their work environment. We suspended our hiring process until further notice and encourage our vendors and customers to follow our “no contact” delivery process.


These measures are necessary and will be in place until further notice. We want to thank everyone for their cooperation. Borg Design will continue to carry on, taking each new information into account and keep our main priority safety.