Our Terms and Conditions



The following requirements apply to Purchase Orders issued by Borg Design Inc. to suppliers of parts and/or services relative to deliverable products per AS9100 and our Quality Management System.

  1. Borg Design reserves the right of approval for product, methods, processes, and equipment, and for the release of product to Borg Design.
  2. Suppliers shall interact with Borg Design regarding any question of an open PO or a shipped product.
  3. Suppliers are measured for OTD and quality by Borg Design on an ongoing basis.
  4. CERTIFICATION OF CONFORMANCE. (C of C) is required with each shipment and it must attest to the conformance of material, outside services performed, hardware, machining/manufacturing, etc. The C of C shall include at a minimum date, purchase order number, suppliers name, part number, drawing number and be signed by an authorized representative of the Supplier and shall accompany each delivery of said items to Borg Design, Inc.
  5. Material & Finish Certification – Signed Material & Finish Certification required for each shipment for all materials used in component. MUST REFERENCE BORG DESIGN, INC. PURCHASE ORDER, PART, REVISION, and SERIAL & SPECIFICATION NUMBERS, and shall accompany each delivery of said items to Borg Design, Inc.
  6. Acceptance of an order, contract or tender from Borg Design allows our personnel, our customer representatives and statutory/regulatory agency representatives the right of entry into your facility to review any product, process or records relative to our purchase order.
  7. Suppliers shall conform to the drawing and/or specification requirements flowed to them, including revision levels imposed on drawing and/or PO and certify to those revisions.
  8. Process Change – Supplier must notify and gain Borg Design, Inc.’s approval to changes in product and/or process changes of facility location before changes are made. Drawings, specifications, process documentation and test procedures shall be resubmitted to Borg Design, Inc. for evaluation and approval.
  9. No Verbal PO Changes – No changes are to be made to a purchase order without prior written notification. Changes must be completed with a valid purchase order change.
  10. Traceability – Packing List, Invoices, and Inquiries – All paperwork must include quote/purchase order number, part number, quantity, revision, serial numbers, and/or Return Material Authorization (RMA) numbers and/or Non-Conforming Material (NCM) numbers.
  11. Suppliers shall maintain a Quality System. The Supplier’s quality system shall satisfy the requirements of the ISO9000 and/or the AS9100 standard, unless otherwise approved by Borg Design. Any substantial changes to the Suppliers’ quality system must be communicated to Borg Design, in writing. And maintain a quality system applicable to its product and processes.
  12. BORG DESIGN, our customer and regulatory agencies reserve the right to source inspect product and/or services prior to shipment, if annotated on the purchase order.
  13. Rated purchase orders issued under the Defense Priority Allocation System (DPAS) shall be processed in accordance with these requirements.
  14. Supplier must comply with any special requirements, key characteristics and critical items identified on PO or drawings.
  15. Borg Design has a PREFERENCE FOR DOMESTIC SPECIALTY METALS in all cases. Suppliers must purchase raw materials in accordance with DFARs 252.225-7008 and -7009 and flow down these requirements to their suppliers/vendors if specified on Purchase order.
  16. Technical Data related to this product are subject to ITAR Controls.
  17. All datasets and drawings in all forms must be treated as confidential information and protected as outlined in Borg Design’s non-disclosure agreements.
  18. Supplier to perform all inspections, testing, and verifications identified on the drawing, PO or applicable specifications and this documented information shall be available to Borg Design upon request.
  19. FAI to be provided if requested on Borg Design PO and comply with the format and requirements of AS9102
  20. All items that are delivered that require inspection shall be accompanied by the supplier’s inspection report referencing the part number and purchase order.
  21. Supplier will utilize statistical techniques for product acceptance when requested on PO.
  22. Requirements for test specimens if noted on the purchase order.
  23. Supplier must notify Borg Design of any changes in product or processes that directly affects the product or service provided to obtain Borg Design authorization/approval before the changes take Examples of changes include, but are not limited to: changes in ownership, company name, management, location of manufacture, special process suppliers, obsolescence, inspection techniques, new tooling, and significant changes to process flow. Supplier must notify Borg Design of Work-Transfers such as changes within a Supplier’s own manufacturing location or changes of a sub-tier supplier or changes within an existing sub-tier supplier’s location.
  24. Failure Analysis – Failure analysis data & corrective action plan must accompany all products returned under a Return Material Authorization (RMA) process. When Borg Design, Inc. has deemed it necessary for the supplier to take corrective action, a positive response to that request must be received by Borg Design, Inc. within fifteen (15) working days.
  25. Supplier shall flow down to any sub tier supplier all applicable requirements in Borg Design purchase order.
  26. Supplier must use customer designated sources when stated on PO.
  27. Supplier must maintain all records associated with this purchase order for 10 years unless otherwise directed on the P.O.
  28. Supplier must notify Borg Design within 24 hours if a nonconformance is identified on Borg Design owned product or material being processed at the supplier and work with Borg Design to obtain disposition.
  29. Supplier must take appropriate steps to prevent the use of counterfeit material and products with AS6174 as a guideline.
  30. FOREIGN OBJECT DEBRIS / DAMAGE (FOD). The supplier shall employ appropriate housekeeping practices to assure timely detection and removal of residue/debris generated, if any, during operations and/or normal daily tasks and shall ensure FOD requirements are flowed down to sub-contractors and suppliers at every tier.
  31. Packaging Requirements – Supplier shall assure items are packed using materials or grade, size, and weight, providing physical protection from damage and contamination during handling and transport. (Refer to ASTM D3951-10)
  32. Hazardous Materials – A safety data sheet (MSDS) must be sent with the purchased item for Borg Design, Inc. to accept any hazardous material. All hazardous material shipments must comply with local, state, and federal health, safety, and environmental regulations and labeled according to DOT-IATA HazMat requirements.
  33. All suppliers are required to comply with the Equal Employment Opportunity requirements of FAR 52.222-22.
  34. Suppliers must ensure that their employees are aware of:
    1. their contribution to the product or service conformity
    2. their contribution to product safety
    3. the importance of ethical behavior

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