Aerospace Products will be noted on PO’s

These are Borg Design’s Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

101 – First Article Inspection – First Article Inspection (FAI) Report required with the initial delivery per AS9102. Any change in design affecting form, fit, function, change in manufacturing process, source, inspection location, tooling, change in numerical control program, natural man-made event that may adversely affect manufacturing process, or a lapse in production for two or more years will require FAI. (101 is for Fabrication and Machining only)

102 – Material & Finish Certification – Signed Material & Finish Certification required for each shipment for all materials used in component. MUST REFERENCE BORG DESIGN, INC. PURCHASE ORDER, PART, REVISION, and SERIAL & SPECIFICATION NUMBERS. (102 is for Plating and Painting only)

103 – Supplier Certificate of Conformance – Supplier Certificate of Conformance required with each shipment.

104 – Failure Analysis – Failure analysis data & corrective action plan must accompany all products returned under a Return Material Authorization (RMA) process. When Borg Design, Inc. has deemed it necessary for the supplier to take corrective action, a positive response to that request must be received Borg Design, Inc. within fifteen (15) working days.

105 – Inspection Report – All items that are delivered that require inspection shall be accompanied by the supplier’s inspection report referencing the part number and purchase order.

201 – Packaging Requirement – Supplier shall assure items are packed using materials of grade, size and weight, providing physical protection from damage and contamination during handling and transport. (Refer to ASTM D3951-10)

301 – Packing List, Invoices and Inquiries – All paperwork must include, quote/purchase order number, part number, quantity, revision, serial numbers, and/or Return Material Authorization (RMA) numbers and/or Non-Conforming Material (NCM) numbers.

302 – No Verbal PO Changes – No changes are to be made to a purchase order without prior written notification. Changes must be completed with a valid purchase order change.

401 – Right to Access – Right to Access shall be granted for Borg Design, Inc. Customers and Regulatory Agencies to all facilities and applicable records that are relevant with this purchase order.

402 – Process Change – Supplier must notify and gain Borg Design, Inc.’s approval to changes in product and/or process changes of facility location before changes are made. Drawings, specifications, process documentation and test procedures shall be resubmitted to Borg Design, Inc. for evaluation and approval.

403 – Requirements Flow Down – Supplier must flow down applicable requirements stipulated in Borg Design, Inc.’s purchasing documents to its sub-tier suppliers.

404 – Non-Conforming Parts Notification – Supplier must notify Borg Design, Inc. in writing on non-conforming product that does not meet the requirements of the purchase order and make arrangements for Borg Design, Inc. to approve or disapprove acceptance of such product. Non-conforming product received at Borg Design, Inc. will be returned to supplier & supplier will assume all transport charges or credit Borg Design, Inc.’s account for cost incurred.

405 – Records Retention (10 Year Minimum) – Records of product manufacturing and processing must be protected and maintained by supplier and retained for a period of ten (10) years and, upon request, must be retrieved.

406 – Hazardous Materials – A safety data sheet (MSDS) must be sent with the purchased item for Borg Design, Inc. to accept any hazardous material. All Hazardous material shipments must comply with local, state and federal health, safety and environmental regulations and labeled according to DOT/IATA HazMat requirements.

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