Borg Design Spurs Hiring

Borg Design News   •   May 2018

Borg Design was recently featured in an article by Jack Healy, Director of Operations, MassMEP. In the article, Mr. Healy discusses an interview with key management of the Borg Design team. The interview covers the challenges a company like Borg Design faces as it grows, its hiring practices and more.

A key focus of the article is regarding the ability to find well-skilled labor. An excerpt is below.

“Borg Design utilizes state of the art CNC machining equipment to make molds and parts with complex surfaces. Andrew Borg, President of Borg Design, stated, “The most difficult part of our expansion was to find skilled machinists that can do the demanding work that we do. Our employees need to be able to offer solutions along with their work.” He said that they had placed ads for machinists, but got no responses.”

Read the full article here.

About Borg Design: Borg Design is a CNC machining and manufacturing business located in Hudson, MA. Borg Design has recently opened a brand new, state-of-art facility with 58,000 square feet of space. More information on Borg Design services is available here.

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