A re-design with titanium

Borg Design News   •   June 2018

At Borg Design, we help solve our customers problems. When a recent customer came to us with a problem, we were happy to offer solutions and work with them to reach their goals. The customer had a piece made with 7075 aluminum that did not end up passing their intense strenght qualifications. So, we re-make the part out of a stronger metal- titanium 6AI4V. Machining parts out of titanium requires much slower spindle speeds, feed rates and specific tooling. Our talented employees are able to precisely calculate these necessary procedures and measurements.

It is always important to get the customer what they need and helping to problem solve is not all the matters. We believe in integrity and if we cannot make a part for a customer, or believe we cannot get it in time, we will be honest and upfront with them. From the time we first heard about this customers problem, we had 2 weeks to turn it around, and we have been dedicated to working hard on it ever since. Good and honest partnerships are what we strive to have with customers, and have been successfully building these relationships for over 70 years.