The Shop Dog

Borg Design News   •   June 2018

B ring your dog to work day- every day.

As you may know, Borg Design is a family run company. It has been for over 70 years and will continue to be in the future. In some peoples opinion (including our own) the family dog is one of the most important elements of the family. That is why we bring our family dog to work every day.

Fenway is his name and he is the cutest black shi-tzu you will ever meet. Fenway has been a loyal employee for almost 10 years and he is now an integral part of the team. His main priority is to make sure everyone in the building is safe, that is why he is sure to greet everyone with a friendly bark. Fenway is a very good boy and loves everyone that comes into the shop.  If he isn’t in the lobby greeting customers, you can find him in the lunch room begging for food or on the shop floor following around his friends. He can get very offended when Andrew leaves him out of a meeting, often barking until he is let in the room so he can assist.

Everyone loves Fenway, but Fenway does have his favorite employees. Fenway has a special bond with a few of the guys because they give him treats. Whenever they see Fenway on the floor, they are sure to give him a treat if he does a trick.