Borg Design Grows Green Initiatives

Borg Design News   •   June 2018

In the past month ,we’ve been taking small steps to lessen our environmental impact by reducing waste and conserving electricity. Last month we took our biggest step yet by implementing a full energy efficiency upgrade. We overhauled energy-consuming equipment throughout the facility, and installed controls that ensure our equipment runs at maximum efficiency.

Because of all these changes, we’re expected to save a whopping 81,685 kWh of electricity this year – that’s enough to power 8 homes for one year!! We’ve cut our total electricity consumption by 35%, which means we’ll be saving big bucks on our electric bill. With the rising cost of materials, these improvements will allow us to keep your costs low and continue providing the superior service you’ve come to expect from Borg Design.

Contact us to learn more about our conservation initiatives and about how Borg Design can help you with all your CNC machining and production needs.

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